Created by Darron Vanaria

Download Game (PC Version)

Source Code (Python 3.x)

Slay monsters, cast spells and collect keys to escape an 8-level dungeon in this turn-based dungeon crawler.

Features a unique combat system where gaining experience allows you to predict a weaker enemy's next move. As you grow stronger you will be able to "see" what your opponent will do next, allowing you to be strategic in chosing your own actions.

You manage a party of 6 characters, controlling one party member at a time. You play a single character for as long as you like while the other 5 party members remain "frozen" as impervious statues. You can then jump to another character at any time, utilizing each character's unique set of spells. In this way, your party works together to defeat the dungeon.

Full game is available as a single .exe file (for Windows machines). Also available is the python source code with all assets for anyone who is interested in the programming side of things.

Python 3.4.3 and Pygame 1.9.2a0 is needed to run the source directly.

Created by Darron Vanaria